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Wife Swapping! Now this is what most people think of when the subject of swinging is mentioned, middle-aged couples putting keys into a bowl to determine which husband gets to fuck which wife and off they go into separate rooms to do the deed! How dreadfully 1970s! Now as you are here hopefully you are not expecting this and know that really wife swapping is much more up to date and it is about couples enjoying a sexual freedom and involving other couples and also singles in their sex lives.

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couple, 32/36 enjoy full swinging but we are happy for soft swaps with new couples, we love being watched while we fuck and will happily take 'orders' as well, can be quite kinky but no serious pain. not bisexual so male-female swapping only although 2 females to one male is absolutely fine, email for more pics!

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experienced swinging couple always looking for new friends. into dogging, webcam fun, online dirty chats and of course full swapping and parties. we both have very high sex drives even though we are both in our 50s so if you think you can keep up contact us by email or find us in the chat room and let the fun begin!

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Swinging will NOT cure a failing marriage, in fact it is more likely to cause further problems, however for Irish couples that do swing it does not mean on the other hand these wife swap couples are bored sexually with each other, all it really means is that they are happy to share each other and to be able to grow sexually through the new experiences they gain while being swingers!

Wife swapping also does not imply that you have to be married, we have hundreds of Irish couples who are not husband & wife but always swing together and have a joint Irish swingers profile online.

If you want to find out more about the terms used by couples in the swingers community like soft swapping for example please read our swingers advice section.


Wife swapping doesn't mean you get a new wife to take home!

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