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Irish Swingers Thumbnail Photo Gallery

We think it is only right to show you a sneek preview of the Irish members that we already have using the site, although we have obsured or cropped faces & identifying marks to help protect the true identities of these swingers from Ireland! However once you have joined the site you will be able to view the unaltered thumbnail pics and enlargements for premium members.

Unlike a lot of other sites these photos are 100% genuine members not models or bought in photos, what would be the point as you can see we have some very horny Irish swingers!

When you join Irish Swingers 4 U you must create your own profile and by adding at least one photo you will increase your chances ten fold of being contacted by other members. Although we obviously do not censor any photographs it is worth bearing in mind that although your genitals might be your best feature many swingers will still want to see what your face looks like as attraction is still important!!

You must post your own pics, we do check and any pics deemed "stolen" will be removed!

SEXY PICS - see more photos here!

If you are shy you can make your swingers photo collection private and then only show them to members you choose to!

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