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New to swinging? - So you want to try out the swingers lifestyle but are a bit nervous or lost as to where to go next and how to start things? Well it is perfectly natural for any newbie to want to ask questions and please don't be shy about asking for clarification on the do's & don'ts of swinging, everyone has to start somewhere and we would all rather you ask questions before you meet up with anyone and then find out you can't go through with it or constantly ask questions there!

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couple, 26/33, few extra pounds but still attractive, not done this before and bit scared TBH! would like to try a soft swap with a couple of similar age to us so we can see if we like it and then go on slowly from there. hope there are cpls that will be gentle with us and allow us to go at our pace?

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Newbie doggers ...lets meets TONIGHT

been dogging a few times but now moved to ireland and would like to try swinging a bit more seriously, so seek couples, 25 to 50 (we are both 32) for same room swaps, plus socialising and possibly parties longer term. As we've not done more than a few shags to be watched and BJs can we chat online first?

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Chat rooms & forums! We have an excellent community of swingers who are online regularly, not just to make arrangements to meet up but to post new entries on their blogs & in the forums and also to chat in the chat rooms and they are happy to answer newbie questions! We have posted below the most common questions asked but for more details and to talk to some real life swingers join for free and ask away!

  • How do I get my girlfriend/wife to come swinging with me?
  • Basically you don't! As a couple, swinging must be a mutual desire, if you can't talk about it chances are you'll do more damage to the relationship!
  • What's a soft swap & do we have to do this first?
  • Soft swap is basically where sexual foreplay takes place between the swapped couples but no penetrative sex, full swap is the more common activity often in the same room as their partners but you can choose!
  • What does bareback mean?
  • This refers to the male not wearing a condom for penetrative sex & obviously this increases the risk of sexual diseases being spread.
  • Why are single girls more requested at parties?
  • Not just at parties, single females - especially bisexual ones are just more sought after as couples like them to join them as the M&F can play with them, although there is more now a call for single WE guys!
  • What if I don't fancy the person who emailed me?
  • Well you just politely turn them down, just because you are a swinger doesn't mean you have to have sex with anyone, make it clear in your profile that there has to be an attraction!

If you are a swinging newbie we hope that the advice you get from here and on the main swingers contacts site will help to answer your questions and then you'll feel confident to take the plunge and join in!

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Swinging isn't meant to be stressful so just relax, enjoy the new experiences & please don't be afraid to ask questions!

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