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Submissive Irish fenmale story, photos & contacts

You gotta love the idea of having a submissive female sex slave and thats just what this Irish female was .........after joining the site she started a blog and has been posting some of the things shes been getting up to and this is just an excerpt from his first bondage it true? I think so consider the level of detail shes going into I read her other BDSM stories ....HOT..!!!

Enjoy ;0) .....I joined the site for one reason alone and that was to meet with dominant Irish males as basically I wanted to be used!!! I’d always had this little dark kink where I wanted to be used, maybe abuse, defiantly humiliated and as I was now a single submissive Irish female was able to meet up and have some fun…So I joined Irish Swingers 4 U and soon started talking to dominant Irish males

It wasn’t long before Mark contacted me, a 50 year old single male that was a MD of a local company and he enjoy the bdsm scene and was looking for a sub female for some role playing meets at his offices ….this sounded interesting and over the next few days we discussed just what we both wanted and agreed limits that he was pleased to hear that I was happy to try anything

So we arranged to meet and agreed that we would stay in role all the time and I was going to be an office secretary…I made sure I was dressed business like with some sexy lingerie underneath my suit and headed out to meet with Sir…. Walking into his offices everyone had gone and I headed down the corridor and knocked on the door and was greeted with a smile …… Walking into his office it was large with a conference table at one end and his desk at another and walking over on his desk was a dog collar and lead and looking at me he proceeded to tell me that my work standard was not coming up to the company standard and he couldn’t see any reason to keep me in the company not unless I was prepared to offer other services !!  

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I explained that I needed the job and will do anything to keep my job and with that he passed me the dog collar and just looked at it…I reached forward and took hold of it and placed it around my neck and then put the dog lead on and stood there not saying anything with my hands clasped behind my back…He stood up and walked over taking the dog lead and I followed him over to the conference desk

It was then he said that the only position open to me was the office slave and I was asked if I submit to master? And looking at him I said nothing other than just a single nod of my head..and by now I was so excited as this was surpassing all of my bondage fantasies and I confirmed that I would be a good slave and with that was told to bend over

I didn’t know what he was doing but clearly he was getting something and walking back to me I was still bent over and was ordered to remove my knickers and reaching under my suit dress I pulled my knickers off and was then told to push them into my mouth and bend back over …He leaned over me and pushed them further into my mouth and told me what a slut I was and that I needed to be punished and with that showed me a large leather belt and he took a couple of steps backward and I ready myself for what was about to happen

Are you going to be a good slave …he asked and I nodded enthusiastically and moving back the first crack came against my exposed arse making me whimper although it was muffled due to my knickers being pushed firmly in my mouth he carried on whipping me till my arse was clearly red .I then heard him move away a little and it was clear he was dropping his trousers as he return and ordered me to pull my arse cheeks and forced his cock straight into my pussy and started to fuck me HARD

Want to read the rest of this story.....? its inside the members section along with a load of other stories posted by submissive female members

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