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Submissive Ireland Transvestite story, photos, contacts and a lot more

This story was posted within a members blog and after contacting the member he agreed that I could posat it outside of the members section

.....The full bdsm story can be accessed via the members blog enjoy.. I got a job in a large department store and being a transvestite did my best to work around the femle clothing section although my job was most based around the stores section, a place where my manage used to like keeping me….

My manager was a real plank of a twat and would always keep me on a short leash ( little did I know later how correct that would be) and one day I was working in the warehouse checking stocking levels …boring, counting frigging boxes !!. It wasn’t long before I found myself wondering into the female section and looking at the boxes with lingerie in and counting some boxes with a new range of sexy lingerie and one of the boxes was damaged and stacked on the floor so opening it had nice corset with matching panties and I just couldn’t hold myself back and looking around placed them inside my tshirt and heading off to the loo…

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Walking in I did a check look around and couldn’t see another and quickly stripped off and started putting the corset on and doing up the lace back ( I have the knack lol) then slipping the panties on over my now rock hard cock and then the rest of my work clothing and it was whilst I was putting my shirt on that the door opened directly in front of me and standing there was the warehouse manager and he just stood there  staring at me

I’m not sure how long he was looking at me it felt like hours but I’m sure it was just a few seconds but then without a word turned around and walked out, I wasn’t sure what action I should take so quickly got out of the lingerie and placing back in the damaged box got dressed and walked out of the loo expecting to see him standing there with store security, but nothing, so carried on working.

I carried on working thinking my manager had just brushed it off as a silly prank but it was when an call came over the speaker system to go to the managers office it was then I knew something was up..Walking into his office he was sat behind his desk and he asked me to go into the next room, as he wanted to talk in private so confused headed into the room ..Once inside I straight away saw a load of outfits laid out quite neatly with some boots, clothes and lingerie and didn’t know what was going was then he walked in and looked at me and didn’t say anything other than a few words, pick out what you like and get dressed

Looking across the outfits I picked out something that gave me a secretary type look with black corset, suspenders and to my surprise some stockings that he’d left out followed by matching panties and I did look like a secretary well from the neck down walking back to his office I knocked on the door and he called me in and told me to sit on a chair …it was then that I was really taken aback as he started to treat me like his office secretary saying that he was sorry that I had to stay behind late and I responded by saying it wasn’t a problem and thought I’d drop “sir” into it which did seem to please him.

This went on for a little while with me playing secretary for him doing some jobs around the office but always with his eyes firmly watching me …I sat back down at his desk and he stood up and walked around the my back and not turning around I really didn’t know  what he was doing until he placed a collar around my neck with a lead already attached “ you’ve not been doing your job very lately have you”

The rest of this story is within the members blog.....this tranny secretary gets a lot more than she was expecting on her job description


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