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This Story was sent in by Dublin Hotwife whilst on holiday in Southern Ireland -

First a little about us we live in Dublin and have been involved within the cuckold scene for sometime although I’ve only recently started letting my  cuck watch when I’ve been fucking guys, normally he waits in another room and in good I’ll tell him about how great the sex was

But a few times he’s had the enjoyment of watching and I’ve been considering allowing him more access as the males I’ve been meeting mostly from Southern Ireland have been happy about him watching ONLY – with no involvement, I thing they are scared he’s going to come of and offer some type of cuckold cleanup, which we’ll see ( yes I’m a very naught Southern cuckold wife)

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we are a mature couple that lives in Clare and looking for younger males to fuck my horny wife. We both enjoy the ROI cuckold scene and have been involved in swinging for sometime although now its only my wife that plays and I just watch. We are only looking for males between 25-35 and my wife is 55 and highly sexed

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Galway couple looking to meet with bulls for NSA sex. Whilst we are looking for males only to fuck my wife whilst I watch I will want to perform cuckold cleanup afterwards so you will need to e happy about bareback cuckold meets and also me having some involvement. I will offer oral sex to you should you be happy about this

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Sometimes Ireland hotwives like to play alone.........then we have the enjoyment of telling cuckold later... !!!

This is a true story about what happen whilst on holiday in Sandycove Beach, in Clonakilty , Cork, Southern Ireland
Its was a sunny day, ok not everyone laugh at once so as my husband was going to walking with a group he’d meet up with I took this as a sign to head towards the beach and see if I would be able to get some colour to my white body!

Getting to the beach it was pretty dead so placing my towel down stripped down to my bikini and laid back to enjoy a good, but it wasn’t long before my bikini top came off and got the boys out on display which seemed to get the attention of a couple of lads I noticed that were also on the beach, although sure they weren’t there when I first laid down
Laying back it was so nice feeling the sun hitting me and then to my surprise this young guy walked over and asked if I fancied having some sun tan lotion rubbed in, now I’m not slow on the uptake but when I looked up at him the poor guy had a rather rock hard dick that was gagging to get out of his shorts, so for a bit of fun told him fine

I turned over onto my back and he kneeled next to me and started rubbing cream into me, and it didn’t take me long before I was starting to get aroused especially as his cock was now dying to escape from his shorts and my mind was thinking about him fucking me with it

It was when his friend walked over that I got my wishes, when he came towards asking if he needed a hand and it was when I looked upwards and saw a massive cock bulging from his shorts that I told him to kneel down here but remove your shorts FIRST

He dropped them and so did the other guy and moving towards me he got a closer look at his cock and lipped my lips ready to suck him and thankfully didn’t have long to wait before I got my treat. His cock was fucking massive and I could see a little bit of pre cum so quickly pulled him towards me so I could taste him

With my attention now firmly on the his friend the other guy got between my legs and pulling my bikini bottoms to one side started licking and finger fucking me but I wanted his cock inside me which I shortly got

It didn’t take long before I was rewarded with two cum loads as the “hung” male didn’t take long before he shoot his load straight down my throat and the other guy cam inside me.

They both left shortly afterwards and it was a little assuming as they tried to chat and make something of it, other than it really was which was a quick fuck on some beach in southern Ireland

Once back I told my husband about these two guys that fucked me silly on the beach and after making him lick my pussy clean, he gave me a GOOD fucking all afternoon, what was assuming is that night we went into a bar  in Clonakilty and you’ll never guess just who was sat in there with what looked like there young girlfriends !! I was so tempted to walk over and thank them for a good fucking on the beach that day ………………but I’m not mean  

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