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Irish outdoor sex story - free Ireland Dogging photos

I’ve always had this thing about outdoor sex and whilst everyone and there aunt is into dogging least they are here in N.I its something that I’ve not done a lot off. On occasions I’ve wondered out to the odd NI dogging location but to be honest I prefer other places to have outdoor sex  

Don't get me wrong I love a bit of sex like any guy especially if outdoors, its just going to some dogging location seems a bit controlled where as meeting up with some horny Irish women and just finding somewhere to fuck outdoors is far more erotic .........and thats just what happened.

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It was a hectic day and due the car going tits up had to take the morning train that was so packed it was un fucking real and pretty near just standing room only. Looking around trying to take my mind off things and the up and coming crap day in the office I noticed this VERY sexy smart looking women and it was clear she was in some type of professional role with a smart business suit on that really hugged her small ass.

Looking at her I was enjoying every movement of the train and moving a little closer gave me a chance to grab her ass when the train lurched 'accidentally' of course LOL. But it was when the train jumped forward I really lost my balance and stumbled right into her. She turned around and I had a very embarrassed smile and said sorry  and after that we got chatting.

She could see I was new to using the train and said she knew a place where we could get a seat and I followed her through the train, stopping outside the disabled toilet she pulled me inside. Looking towards me she asked if I’d every fucked on a train before and looking at her smiled and said no and with that she moved towards me and said that she often comes into the toilet to play with herself as the movement of the train gets me so horny and moving her hand down onto my cock soon found my hard cock.

With that I realised we had at least 15 minutes before my stop and unfastening my belt I dropped my jeans and with that she knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock …fuck was she good. Standing back up she pushes her hands under her dress and pulls down her knickers and turning around pulls her dress up above her waist bends over and I waste no time coming up behind her, although at this stage had the train pulled into my station I wouldn’t have stopped

Bracing herself against the wall I wasted no time pushing my cock into a soaking wet pussy and fucking her cunt as fast as I could whilst making sure the sound level wasn’t too high although her moans where getting louder but she didn’t seem to give a fuck “fuck me harder” so swapped positions

I then carried on fucking her with far deeper trusts and she squealed with pleasure with the motion of the train & my fucking I was now slamming deep into her and I knew she was going to cum soon as her pussy contracted around my cock and I shot my cum into her and her juices splattered down my legs. I used the train a few other days but never saw her again and whilst I now use the car more I’ve still had lots of other outdoor sex of which I’ll be posted more inside my blog

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