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Irish flashing housewife REAL Irleand Dogging stories

We’d always had an interest in sex outdoors and whilst the Northern Ireland dogging scene wasn’t really for us we thought we’d give it a go just to really see what if anything happened

We drove around one night and fond it was pretty dead! In fact we didn’t find a single dogging couple, other than a couple of irish guys cottaging and whilst I’d not say no to watching my husband sucking another guy off at some cottaging location I just could see it happening

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We were going to give up on the idea until one night after a few drinks we stubbled across Irish Swingers 4U…..interesting site so thought we’d join up for free and see whats on offer. It was clear once inside the members section that the dogging forum was pretty active. Once we first looked at the Northern Ireland Dogging forum we were a little disappointed as it was all in one section but soon found postings from others that like ourselves enjoyed outdoor sex and we soon started chatting to members.

We arranged to meet with this guy and some of his friends that were into watching couples (voyeurs) having sex in cars and a private locations was agreed. Driving out we really didn’t know what to expect and pulling into the carpark flashed our lights and a couple of guys walked over

I’d not bothered putting knickers on as I knew they wouldn’t be on for long and plus my husband has a real bad habit of ripping my knickers off when taking them off in the car, so knickers already removed I opened the window and a couple of guys walked over and my husband pulled my dress up so the guys could see my shave puss!!

I got my husband cock out and started sucking him off and to my surprise my husband waved over to this guy to put his hand into the car which he didn’t think twice about and started playing with my pussy. It didn’t take my husband long to cum and needless to say I swallowed all his load back as I love the taste of his cum, by now my pussy was extremely wet and needed attention so clearing it first with the hubby I opened the car door turned around and opened my legs so the guy could lick me

He was EXTREMELY good with his tong and took no time to cum whist the other guy was wanking off, afterwards I the guy to stand and slipped his cock into my month and started sucking him, he soon rewarded me with a another fresh cum load and after swallowing my husbands thought it to be rude not to swallow his as well

The guys walked away and we drove home and fucked like crazy. The next day we logged back into the forums section and started arranging to meet with others

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