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Fancy trying the Ireland Cuckold scene? well this husband from Belfast didn't know he was going to until he had a chance to spy on his wife fucking annoyer guy without them knowing ! Its an interesting introduction into the Ireland cuckold scene..........but it worked

If you want to try cuckold sex then read the sample profiles below that have been copied from Northern Ireland ads and that are looking for local males from NI to fuck there wives whilst they watch

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sissy cuckold NI

hiya I'm looking for experienced cuckold males so that you can help me with training my weak sissy husband. When I say experienced I mean this because I'm looking at humiliating him both verbally and with forced cuckold cleanup and only someone that has done and enjoyed this before will find this assuming.

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total newbes and looking to meet with males so that I can watch you fucking my wife. She's 45 slim, sexy and love oral & anal sex but always with a rubber (sorry, I'm the only one that gets to cum inside her) We don't mind your age, size and as we are still newbie's ourselves would be good to hear from another males thats maybe new to the ireland cuckold scene

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What would YOU do if you walked in on your wife fucking another guy? - well this husband spied on his wife having sex ..............great cuckold story . !!!

Northern Ireland cuckold  - Its odd but I knew today was going to be one of those days but little did I know the end result was going to be watching my wife getting fucked by another guy!.The morning had been shit at work and with it being a Friday thought sod it I’m off home so set off. When I got home the house was very quite all bar some sounds coming from upstairs

I walked up and pushed the door open to see a black guy sat on the bed with my wife! And they didn’t notice me was able to pull it back closed a bit so that I could still see what was going on, but looking at my wife that was pretty obvious as she was dressed to FUCK !!

Standing there I was able to see everything, they started kissing and she was rubbing his cock through his trousers and he then told her to stand up and strip, she did this removing all her clothes and was just about to pull her knickers down when he learned forward and stopped her say he wanted to do that

She walked towards him and standing directly in front he told her to pull her knickers to one side so he could see her pussy, with the she did and he looked long and hard at her pussy then ordered my wife to finger herself

She pushed first one, then two fingers deep inside and soon made herself wet and removing her fingers he licked her juices from each finger and standing up dropped his trousers showing off a VERY healthy sized.I was disgusted about watching my wife with another man but was also extremely aroused in equal measure and didn’t know where this would end, hopefully her getting well FUCKED!

It was like watching the best porn show on earth with my wife in the lead role, she took hold of his cock and I watched as he pushed his dick straight down her throat thrusting further down each time he fucked her mouth and it didn’t take hi long before he came spraying cum loads into my wife's mouth making sure she swallowed every drop and like a cum greedy wife licked up every last drop.

I thought it was over but she wanted more and was able in a very short time to tease his cock back to life and laying back on the bed spread her legs wide as he got on top of her and started fuck her, gentle and slow at first but built to a forceful fuck making them both cum

I then walked back down stairs and opened the front door and banged it as thought I’d just come home, knowing full well she would hear this and probably do her best to get rid of her lover out the back, but I was more than keen to see her getting fucked again and later that evening we spoke about it and shortly afterwards joined a irish cuckold and swingers

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