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Sexual freedom is not just for the young, we have thousands of mature swingers (although they are young at heart) many of who are in their 50s, 60s & even 70s! But what's good about this site is that it doesn't matter how old you are if you are an Irish mature swinger it just goes to prove that sex is ageless and swinging brings out the youthfulness in us all :o)

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mature couple, married 30+ years looking for other cpls (ages between 40 & 60) for small gatherings of 2/3 cpls for general swinging fun & games, we are open minded but not into pain - open to your suggestions and have a few of our own we'd like to play out so contact us for a chat first!

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widowed 56 year old but often told I look younger, not looking for a relationship but need to get back on the bike as it were! seeking mature gentlemen to have 1-2-1 fun with, try out new experiences, and maybe even join a couple for some threesome fun, although possibly bi-curious I've never acted on it!

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Of course the links above will list swingers of all ages in Ireland, not just our mature swingers but when you join as a premium member you will be able to filter out results enabling you to specify the age of the sex contacts you want to find, whether it is senior swingers in their sixties or fit females in their forties.

Maybe it is this general older generation of adults that people associate with wife swapping but when you read what some of these silver swingers get up to you will quickly realise that the key swapping parties of the 70s are just so not what all these sexy MILFs & GILFs are about!!


You are never to old to start swinging and many of our mature swingers members have lots of sexual experience to share!

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