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The photos posted about are Transvestite & Crossdressing contacts from North & Southern Ireland

Dublin Transvestite Escort - what a great story and thanks for sending it in, I'm sure a lot of irish guys like yourself have wondered what sex would be like with a CD/TV or TS and by the sounds of things you really enjoyed it - I do hope you'll drop us a line and let us know what happens when you meet Julie again or other irish contacts

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Hi, have been Xdressing for 20 years and think I have it pretty good now, in fact I'm happy to go out dressed as a women. I'm very experienced in role play games, and love to dress up and have loads of outfits from schoolgirl to slutty wife and with a vivid dirty imagination can really make the evening fun. I'm love to be stroked and played with and treated like a women not just a women with a dick so drop me a line and lets chat and if your up for it I'm happy to meet in a bar

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Hi there, i'm a twenty something convincing ireland transvestite looking for horny guys for NSA fun. I'm happy to meet either at my house, hotel or yours its your call. I love to have sex with either males or females but only dressed as a women, and would love to hear from an irish couple that want a threesome, that would be all my dreams cum true. I'm into most things, love O & needless to say A!. my only turn off's are fat guys sorry its just not my thing so slim contacts only please

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I've placed a couple of recently viewed crossdressing dublin profiles but within the members sections we have loads more so either use the link above to view profiles only (with no photos) or hit the join button below - the photos used on this page are completely random images but are all from Irish TV / TS or CD contacts

my first tranny escort!

I've been single for some years and whilst I've had a few girlfriends since splitting from my wife I've always had this attraction to Transvestites its the idea that you can have a beautiful "gal" but under her dress is an rock hard tranny cock waiting to be realised and played with and this desire lead me to joining an irish swingers website so I could track down hopefully some Dublin Transvestites or crossdressers!

After I joined the site I really started feeling nervous about meeting members! - daft I know, I even had some Irish CDs drop me messages asking to chat or even meet and I just couldn't reply, suppose in a way its a bit like having sex for the first time but the difference being this time its with someone of your own sex, albeit with a frock on!

Then when looking around the chatroom I noticed this girl called Julie, she lived in Dublin and was a full time Transvestite but an escort and that got me thinking that what if I paid for the sex! so dropping her a note we started chatting and I soon felt confidant to meet up. That day I was really nervous and nearly stopped going round but I knew if I did that I would always be thinking "what if" so got in the car and drove to her house.

Getting to the house I knocked on the door and she opened it pretty quick as she asked me to park around the corner so she didn't have too many callers pulling up out side the house, especially as she lived on a small housing estate, so walking in I was really taken back on who FIT or should I say sexy she looked, this was no irish crossdresser she was every bit a pre-op transsexual and looked every bit a women!!

Following her into the front room I found myself mesmerised by her arse, it looked so good, and with a black short dress on and heels looked good enother to eat, well hopefully, once in the room I sat down and she walked towards me and asked "if I liked" with this I just smiled and put my hands onto her legs and replied "oh yes" then moving a little closer to me I was moving my hands up and down her legs and looking at me she pulled her dress over her head and she was standing their naked with a body that almost made me cum just looking at her

Her tits were average size not too bad and just about right, she had a great all over tan as she spends a lot of time in Spain and a figure any real women would want, and that cock! mmmmmm at first if was tucked away in her knickers but as I was moving my hands up and down her legs that really just went on forever I see it was starting to wake up, and pulling her a little closer to me I started kissing the outside of her knickers, gently playing with her cock until I put my hands around her back and pulled her knickers down.

It was truly amazing seeing this beautiful women standing their with a cock hanging down just dying for attention so holding her cock in my hand I started to play with her, nothing too heavy as you've got to remember this was the first time I'd ever had a cock in my hand other than my own so pulled the foreskin back and played with her till she was hard then sucked the end, and licked her balls

Pulling me up she pushed my trousers off and dropped to her knew's and started to suck my cock, and FUCK was she good pulling my cock all the way to back of her throat and not gagging at all and moving her head in and out knew if she carried on she'd get a mouthful and she as fuck a few seconds later she got the load and swallowed every drop back, looking up at me she asked if I wanted more, but like most guys when I've cum thats me done for at least a couple of hours

Getting dressed I wished I'd had a wank so could have lasted longer, but then I know by dutch courage would also have gone as well, but I've arranged to meet her again next week and I've also started chatting more to other Irish crossdressers & Transvestites


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