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Soft Swapping Swingers Irish Contacts

Looking to try swapping but as an irish couple you may not want to go all the way with another couple from Ireland! well although people will assume that swingers websites are only for couples that want full on sex this preconception is WRONG and many couples that start out swinging often start by soft swinging or swaps first and whilst its true to say we have thousands of Irish swingers that are looking for full swaps we have just as many that are looking to test the water out so to speak and try soft swapping

So for newbie's coming into swapping & swinging "what is soft swinging?" ask that question to 10 swingers and you'll probably get a different answer from each couple but my version of "soft Swapping" is where a couple will meet up ( after agreeing what they will do ) and ONLY soft swap for foreplay only and any penetrative sex only happens between the couples themselves so between the husband & wife/boyfriend & girlfriend

Northern Ireland Southern Ireland

Detailed above are direct links to all the countries within Southern & NI ireland so you can see the profiles we have listed within the site but these will list EVERY CONTACT but as a member you'll be able to refine this search for soft swapping contacts and as we also have a dedicated chatroom & forum for soft swapping couples finding contacts is really not hard

Once a member you can place your own Irish personals advert and I'm sure within a sort space of time you'll have other couples contacting you for soft swinging as many couple do use this as a stepping stone so they can "try out" swinging without the pressure of going "all the way"

So hit the join button and place your own soft swap ad and start making local contacts with Ireland


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