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Please note the Images posted above are members but are only random Irish swingers, this also with the sample Irish cuckold contacts below

Looking to meet with Londonerry cuckold husbands? - you know the term cuckold is an odd one, especially when you consider the theme of these contacts is NI husbands watching other Irish guys fucking their Mrs ! or to give the wife the right title Irish Hotwife!

Read this great story submitted by an NI Cuckold husband as he tells us about what recently happened to him when he considered swinging

sample NI cuckold husbands ads

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Belfast cuckold couple looking to meet single guys for fun. My wife is an extremely sexy Irish girl of 29 that loves sex, so much so that I can't keep up! so we are looking for single males or local NI bulls to fuck her whilst I watch and probably video. Anyone contacting us please attach a photo otherwise we won't reply

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NI cuckolds looking for VWE guys or guys for cuckold fun. My wife has been going on for ages about wanting to be fucked by a guy that VWE as I only have a small dick and as she loves to humiliate me regarding the size of my cock she now wants to take this to another level and have me watch whilst guys fuck her

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I'm a cuckold Husband and I fucking well love it !!!

It all started a few months ago when I was looking around some swingers websites, you know you come home from the local a bit pissed up and start looking at porn its what we guys do, well least this one anyway. Well I found this one site that offered loads of contacts and was reading some of the stuff posted by cuckold husbands and I have to say the idea of watching someone fucking the wife really turned me on

So don't ask me why I posted an ad up just to see what type of response I'd get, anyway's I then completely forgot about it - well that was until one night the following week when me & the Mrs stayed at home to watch a DVD least thats what I thought. The door went around 8ish and my wife got up and invited this guy in! Not knowing him or what was going on I asked my wife what was going on and thats where she dropped her little bombshell !!!

She told me that the following day she'd gone onto the computer & noticed in the history that I'd been looking at porn, which was fine, but she then noticed that I'd joined an irish cockold swingers site and at first thought that maybe I was looking for females, but it was only when she logged in she found the ad! - the problem is I away's use the same user name & password so I don't forget and of course my wife knows this so was able to check my mail and see the ad I'd place saying I was an irish husband that was looking for males to fuck my wife!!

This was when she introduced me too Ben!! and told me that she's done some reading on cuckoldry and as she was the hotwife and in complete control I would do exactly what I was told, and sit down while Ben takes me upstairs !!! - I think you could have seen my jaw hit the floor but the idea of her taking control was a real turn on so sat back onto the chair and waited. My now new Irish hotwife took Ben by the hand and headed upstairs, and looking back she said if I every wanted to see her getting fucked by another man I was to stay their until called for !!!

It wasn't long before I heard sounds coming from upstairs and the fact I was being forced to stay downstairs was driving me crazy, this went on for ages and I was getting to a stage where I wanted to go upstairs and fortunately she at last shouted me to come up and walking into the room saw Ben on the bed naked with my hotwife sucking his cock and her knickers on the floor, looking over to me she told me to site on the chair and not to say a word.

Doing this she moved round and lowered herself down onto his cock and started to ride him hard and I could see from the look on her face she was really loving every bit of this and never new she had such a controlling side to her nature, but just as I was thinking this Ben came inside her and a few seconds later so did my wife!

Ben left shortly afterwards and after he'd gone we sat and she told me about how much she enjoyed letting a stranger fuck her whilst her irish cuckold husband was watching not being able to join in, we since then changed the add a little but are now looking forward to more cuckoldry meets with other Irish bulls


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