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It really does seem that more women are bisexual swingers over straight ones and its far greater than the irish bi males and one of our members recently submitted this story that really just about sums up what Irish bifem swinging is all about

Its a great story and thanks for sending it in and from a males viewpoint and indeed some of our othert Irish female swingers if you have any other thoughts please send them in

The idea of sex with another women was all I thought about !!!

The thought of that turned me on so much that I slowly, surely, let my hands run from her back forwards to her shoulders, and then softly, gently, down to the tips of her breasts. I massaged them feeling their tense, erect nipples, wondering what it would be like to taste them, and rubbing my sopping clit all the while up and down her hard ass.

She moaned again as I caressed her beautiful breasts. Her soft movements against the air were getting more and more frantic, her body beginning to be more and more turned on by the insistence of mine. She trapped my lips once more in a fiercely erotic kiss that sent shivers all through me. Teasing her was no longer a priority. The only thing that mattered to me was cumming. 

She turned in my arms, stretching out her legs so that my pounding pussy found her wet cunt now. Our breasts rubbed together, nipples brushing as we kissed in the most devastatingly sexual way I'd ever felt. Her tongue was making me wild and the feel of her pussy against mine was almost too much to bear. I wanted to taste her more than anything. 

"Lie down," I whispered, breaking my lips from her kiss. Slowly, her eyes dazed and glassy, she did - opening her pussy provocatively. She moaned as I moved back to her instantly, gripping her mouth and sucking her tongue while our bare wet pussies rubbed against each other desperately.

I slid my hand down her hard body and to her wet, hot bush. She kissed me harder as my fingers started rubbing against her hard clit. I teased along the edges of her hole, forcing her to buck against my hand. 

"Please," she whispered, her hips frantic. "Fuck me. Fuck me." 

"Are you hot for me?" I asked, biting her lip and brushing her clit. 

"Yes, oh God I'm hot. Fuck me. Fuck me please. I'm wet, I'm so wet." 

I smiled and kissed her throat, her breasts, lingering a little on her nipple, biting, nipping, until her pussy brushed up against my hand frantically. I continued down, trailing kisses and little nips down her hot, straining body. Finally, her pussy lay under my tongue, waiting and burning hot, thrusting against my mouth.

"You're so hot," I whispered, pressing my thumb on her pulsing clit. "So hot." 

Impatient and horny, her hand wrapped around my head, guiding me down. As my tongue touched her sensitive skin, she moaned and pressed her hips against me. "Harder," she whispered, her hand urging me into that luscious pussy. I licked faster, deeper, edging my tongue around her soaking clit. "Harder," she said again, her body arching into my mouth. "Put your finger in me, fuck me with your finger."

Her hips rose and fell in time to my tongue and slowly, I put two fingers into her straining cunt. She moaned again, pressing my face deeper still. "That's good," she whispered. "Fuck me, fuck me with your fingers. I want it harder. Harder!" 

The last cry was too much for me. I ravaged her with my mouth, sucking and licking and biting until I didn't know anything existed other than her hot pussy and my desperate mouth.

My fingers pounded into her mercilessly, sliding in and out effortlessly in her wet hole. She cried out, arching against me while her whole body tensed. "I'm cumming, oh God, I'm cumming!" For a long, hot moment, every muscle in her body strained towards me and then she relaxed, dazed and satisfied. 

She brought my face up to hers and kissed me passionately, sucking her juices off my lips. "Oh God," she whispered, "I've never felt anything like that in my entire life". No longer curious about being with another woman, we held each other tenderly and she gently drifted off to sleep in my arms.

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