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Ireland outdoor sex story - real membrs stories about sex in public places

I’d never considered having sex outdoors...but thats all changed now and since then I've also joined a Irish Contacts site and have meet up with a few guys as I love getting fucked outdoors now and in fact given a choice between sex in a house / bedroom or some public location I know what my choice would be and its not somew warm bed....

It all started one very warm summers night .....yep 16th June 2012 that was when summer started and ended ..but lets be honest if we have too many hot summer nights we start to go a bit funny in the head with all that sunshine coming down on us lol....

I was out enjoying a walk down this county lane not knowing it was a dogging hotspot, although I do now…If you want to know where and live around Clare then drop me a message and you never know it maybe you fucking me up against a tree soon.... As I was wondering down the lane I was miles away and probably spending too much time looking up at the summer nights sky when I tripped and fell head first onto this hedge and for the life of me was stuck fast  “Bugger" and trying to get free I was just making things worse . Just then I heard a sound so shouted out “helllp”

"Hello, you got a problem!" I heard from behind me, at first I thought nah I just always jump into bushes and then try to get stuck, but on the grounds I wanted out I responded “ I could do with a helping hand”  and pulling my hand I was dragged out and too my feet

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By now I was pretty embarrassed and he offered to walk me back to my car, it was then he told me that a lot of couples and singles come here for dogging and when he first saw me thought that’s what I was here for ..which I just laughed off, but it did get me thinking …nah a quick shake of the head and my mind was back onto walking in a straight line and not falling over

As we walked closer to the car he said he needed to head down another path but wanted to make sure I was OK and I thanked him saying yes and moved in to give him a kiss on the cheek and just as I was about to he turned and what started out as a thank you kiss ended up with me landing a kiss straight onto his lips. As this happened we both pulled back a little but then we returned to a full blown passionate kiss.

Moving back carefully I leant against a tree and my thoughts about what I was doing went right out of my head and I was getting so turned on didn’t give a fuck…He lifted my top so that my tits were out and it was clear that I was extremely turned on as my nipples were so erect and sticking clearly out from my bra… He moved downwards and removed my bra and his tongue was swirling around my nipples and sucking my tits sending me further and further into a state of sexual arousal

Coming back up he kissed me again but push his groin towards hers and pulling back I lowered myself towards him undoing his trousers on my way down to reveal a hard  cock just gagging for attention . Moving my head forward I ran my tongue up and down his cock and cupping his balls to then lower my head deeply onto his cock allowing him to slide all the way inside almost making me gag but was able to hold back..He was fucking my face quiet hard now and knew he was getting close to cumming and that was something I didn’t want least yet…

Moving back up I pulled my skirt with me and as he watched he moved his hand towards my knickers and my wet swollen pussy, slipping his hand inside his fingers soon found my pussy and straight into my hole which nearly made my legs buckle and I could only just hold myself up as he fingered me hard making me cum quickly..He removed his hand and I wasn’t sure if maybe he thought that was it but I was now so worked up I wanted to feel him inside me so turning around I parted my legs.

He stopped and looking around saw him slipping a condom on, then pushed his cock deep into me making me moaning aloud and not caring that only a few feet away was cars parked that clearly head others watching us …He took my hips pulling back against him and pushing ever deeper into me….I couldn’t control myself now and was cumming again and with his cock banging against my g spot it was sending exquisite pleasure into my body as he came .

I never did see that guy again but I now often walk down that path and have enjoy the pleasures of a few males although now carry my own rubbers



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