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First time swingers tell us about a recent meets - real life stories from Ireland

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After my positive response to our first blog posting where we talked about our first swingers meet our swinging life has kinda taken off and we’ve gone from being non swingers 9 months ago to now being heavily into the Ireland swingers scene ..and loving it

How would have thought a few months ago I would be having sex in some couples swimming pool........but don't worry you don't need a pool for swinging....

In 9 months we've enjoyed soon great meets, one that didn’t work out at all but that was our fault ( age differences don’t work) and even a party …I did say we’ve taken the swinging scene by the bulls or should that be the balls hehe. One afternoon I got chatting to this couple in the chatroom and to protect them lets call them B & P they only lived a few miles from us and as my son was staying over at some friends we were able to meet on a spur of the moment thing which is something we normally can’t do.

They offered to meet at theres and a dip in there indoor pool..WOW this was all I needed and as they came over as being very civilised and polite thought we’d run with this as normally our past meets we’ve exchanged a few emails but never just meet like this before. We got to B & P house and it was impressive and they invited in and into the pool room … how the other half live.  We started chatting by the pool and at first things were a little tense ( we didn’t know that it was there first time) but after some drinks the fun started and more so the flirting began more so between me & P ( the wife) as she knew I was bisexual and from the way she was flirting with me she was either bi or VERY curious.

I was wearing my bikini but only the bottom as it so warm in there pool house and the way P was looking at me knew she had seducing on her mind…which was fine by me. She was a taller women me and was certainly bigger up top with larger boobs. It was clear she was a little shy as she was wearing one piece costume which did leave me feeling a little exposed as I was walking around topless. Kissing her her reactions told me she was first knew to sex with another women and I soon started to love the control I had over her and I could enjoy this being the one with more experience and it was clearshe was enjoying the thrill of letting her husband seeing her kissing another women.

We kissed more and she was starting to become more relaxed so pulling P swimming costume straps I freed her boobs and just leaving it it was clear now that she’d started she wanted to go all the way and pushed it completely down stripping off completely.She took my hand and we left the pool to the side and sat down and straight away we started kissing and touching each others bodies. Pulling back I pushed her back onto the chair and moving down her body got to her smooth pussy. With P no leaning right back it was clear this was the first time she’d let another women touch her pussy

By now the guys had walked over to us and had stripped off and my husband moved towards P and she took his cock in her hand and I felt B coming up behind me and opening my legs a little he started to rub my clit. But I had other things in mind and moving my head between P’s legs start to tease and play with her  .

The rest of this story is within the members section ............

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