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REAL Ireland bi male Dogging stories

ire;and bimale doggingWant to read a bimale dogging story submitted by a member? posted below is sample from a members blog where he tells about meeting this couple from Ireland that wanted to meet with a bimale for some dogging sex.......although this guy was just as interested in sucking the husbands cock as having sex with the wife

Story :- I’ve always had an interest in the dogging but I wanted to meet with couple that had a bimale as I’ve been a bisexual dogging male for sometime but I’ve been struggling to find contacts

I know the places to meet around Dublin / Ireland least with gay / bi guys but finding couples has always been a struggle, after all its not exactly easy when you approach a car and ask the couple, “say can I fuck the wife and suck your husband as well” funny asking that will probably either get me a smack in the face or less contacts

sample irish swingers photos below - these are all current members photos posted by bisexual guys & couples looking for outdoor meets around Southern Ireland

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So, I joined a Irish sex contacts website and my luck changed!! And soon started reading postings made by couples that were looking for bi irish dogging guys for threesome meets….frigging ideal

I got chatting to Debbie and Paul from Dublin ( full location held back) and we arranged to meet up at a private dogging location just on the out skirts of town that had loads of places we could have fun with being a nature park/ small forest and pulling into the car park saw there car already pulled over ( thankfully we swapped car details so I wasn’t left walking up to a strangers car)

They both got out and debbie walked over and quickly gave me a hung and it was pretty clear she felt my cock against hers and she let out a sigh of pleasure, when Paul walked round we shook hands, which was a little odd considering I had every intention of sucking his cock !! I could see already the bulge in his jeans.

We started walking off into the forestry and it wasn’t long before we were deep into some heavily wooded area and one quick look around to make sure we were not followed and Debbie took no encouragement in grabbing my side and knelling down in front of me.

She started playing with my cock on the outside of my jeans making it throb and looking over to Paul he was sat on a log rubbing his cock. Debbie then stood up and dropped her dress to show a massive set of tits with no bra and her breasts swung free, moving her attentions towards my jeans pulled them down. My cock was already hard and she took my foreskin and pulled back and said nothing but wrapped her mouth around my cock.

By now her husband had dropped his trousers and got his cock out and all I could thing even thought his wife was sucking me, was I wanted that cock in my mouth !! I could already see his pre cum as he was slowly wanked off and just prayed he didn’t waste it by cuming. By now his wife was taking me way down her throat without even gagging ( this women was very used to oral…but loved it ) and as she was sucking and licking me move her tongue in circles on my cock.

It was then that her husband walked towards me with his erect cock and a head that had with pre-cum yum and moving forward and licked the tip, he tasted great and I licked for more as I circled his cock whist the wife was doing to same to me, now this is my idea of FUN

I wanted more of  his cock so he moved a little closer and sucked hard as his cock filled my mouth and I was able to taste more of his cock, by now Debbie was going faster as she bobbed her head up and down sucking me off and I was so glad I had a wank before hand as with her husbands cock in my mouth and debbie giving great head I would have cum normally a long time ago.

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