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Irish Dogging photos FREE Thumbnail flashing wives pics Gallery

Ok lets be honest we all love the Ireland dogging scene and thankfully our horny flash wives are more than happy to let husbands take photos of them whilst flash around Ireland dogging locations!

I've posted some sample photos and whilst I've had to edit these I think you can get a pretty good idea what our members are getting up to whether its Irish wives flashing or couples enjoying some outdoor sex. The images posted here are directly from the members section hence the reason they've been edited, but as a member you'll have full access to all media uploaded by the dogging couples

These images have been taken from dogging couples profiles and forum postings and random images - as a member you can search out and view other Ireland dogging wives photos and make direct contacts with members

As a member you'll have full and unrestricted access to members photos along with all other media - Although from my experience most flashing wives / dogging couples only post photos due to the restrictions of taking videos whilst outside

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of ireland couples do enjoy the flash scene where wives & couples will go to various dogging locations and flash at waiting males, thankfully for us voyeurs that can't get to these locations we can at least enjoy forum postings from flashing irish wives

All images posted here have been edited to protect the identities of members

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