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Calling all Irish cuckold contacts look no further ? - Irish Cuckold husbands looking for bulls based in Ireland! you know its one thing we never seem to run sort of it cuckold husbands looking for horny irish guys to fuck their Mrs, needless to say with them watching over, but NEVER getting involved, no matter if your a irish male looking for cucks or Irish husbands looking for bulls look no further

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limerick cuckold couple looking for local males to fuck my hot irish wife. I've always wanted to watch her getting fucked by other guys so I'm now doing something about it, needless to say with her approval. She 29 sexy as hell and love anything goes sex, so contact us today and lets arrange a meet

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horny irish swingers looking for black VWE males/bulls to shag the Mrs. We live in Killorglin and due to children will need to play away and we are happy to share a hotel room. My wife is a sexy irish milf and loves sex although it will have to be safe sex or no sex and anyone contacting us please make sure you attach a photo otherwise we won't reply

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If its Irish Cuckolds you want read on? you know the very term cuckold sex sounds like its something involving bondage and fetish sex, where as all its really about is guys or in the bulk of cases husbands watch strangers fucking their hot Irish wives, nothing odd about that and by follow simple steps you could be meeting with irish cuckold couples tonight :

  • Join up and post either your cuckold profile or bull depending on what your looking for - this be either free or paid
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  • chat, chat & more chat, get the hint! log into the chatrooms its a great place to meet members and make direct contacts with other irish swingers
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