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Is this my confession? Well its not wrong to want to have sex with someone of your own sex and so long as the hubby never finds out then fine…so yes it’s a bifem confession in that I’m playing around behind my hubbys back but its not with another guy so does that count…..I don’t think so.

A little about me, I live in southern Ireland and have been married for 5 years and even when I got married I knew there was a side to me that wanted sex with other women and these urge once I was married only grew …. I then knew that I needed to do something about it

I’ve only recently joined the site to hopefully meet with other bi curious irish contacts that are local to me. I’ve poking around the members section and so far all looks good whether this will lead to some contacts is another thing, but one thing that was soon apparent my profile photos were far too tame …….so I’ve added another that I took just after enjoying a close shave.  It’s a pretty intimate photo and just looking at my shaven pussy within my profile makes me want to pleasure myself ….don’t you just hate it when you can’t get your head that low down LOL

I do love looking at a shaven puss or a very one that’s been well trimmed and my urges have been building too long for me to leave it any longer and I want to have the attention of a another female doing, after all who better to lick your puss than another women knowing just where to tease and drive a women crazy begging her to please you in only the way another women can.

The very idea of having another female loving tongue attention to another and this has been brewing up for WAYYYY too long. It’s the very idea of having my pussy eaten out and knowing that because its not a man doing it there will be no rushing as we take time enjoying each other and doing it properly something that a man struggles with

The very ideal of slowly undressing another women is all part of the build up and hopefully leading onto a night of pleasure, teasing and playing with each other, slowly pulling down trousers but onlywith finger tips so you get to tease and enjoy every little bit of the sexual tension as you remove the trousers. I would move my face closer using my nose against your knickers kiss the outside and licking just abouve the thigh knowing full well it's an erotic and sensual zone albeit a little ticklish!

Whilst there I can mess your musky smell that only another woman's excitement can give off and rubbing my nose lightly up and down the crotch of your knickers I can already see you getting wetter as I tease you as I see you getting wetter and wetter, nibbling around the edge of your knickers and slowly sliding my tongue inside your knickers hearing you groan with please as my tong for the first time touches your pussy

Sliding a hand under your bottom I slightly pull you toward my face but as I do so tugging at your knickers and pulling them down so for the first time I get to see your pussy …all shaven, smooth and dying for the attention of a womens tong. 

moving closer with my tong I give you gentle tongueing , brushing your clit with my finger which only makes you even wetter and running my tongue up lips I find that special place and suck you clit bringing you on the edge of cumming and crying out to fuck you with my tong ……………with your legs around me you pull my face hard into your pussy and sucking and licking your clit you have you first orgasum ........but not the last my new bifem lover

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