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Irish females that love Anal Fucking Real Swingers stories

I'm a fan of anal sex...well I think most guys are and it may well surprise you that a lot of female swingers love anal sex and this story was posted by a member and I've posted the first part of this Irish swingers story, enjoy, then join us

.................A little about me, I’ve been single for a while and whilst I enjoy the company of men …and women I wasn’t ready to settle back with one guy as I wanted to have a bit of fun with a capitol “F” for FUCKING. My last b/f was a bit dull and I wanted some adventure in my life so turned towards a Irish sex contacts website in the effort to find males that would excite me again and ……..try anal sex.

It was something I was more than curious about and none of my past b/f’s had shown an interest in my little rose bud, not even slipping a finger…or two.I posted my profile up and waited and a few photos then waited for the responses to come in. I was hopeful as I’m in my thirties, no kids, slim and I think sexy, you tell me you can see some of my photos within my profile. A few days later I checked and had some messages although clearly some guys don’t know where Dublin is ……FOOLS

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Mark looked nice, married but to be honest I didn’t care, slim and commented on the fact he loved anal sex …yep that does me, we arranged to meet at a local bar in Dublin city centre, a girl has to think about protection when shes meeting guys from sex websites..We meet and had a few drinks, and some more…and more and we were getting on fine and then he suggested a hotel around the corner and we both knew for what and I didn’t need to think twice.

The hotel was only just around the corner but drove and even during the short drive I couldn’t keep my eyes off his bulge and moving my hand over started to rub and tease his cock through his jeans. Once booked in and in the hotel room we jumped onto the bed and almost ripped our clothes off stripping as quickly as we could.  Looking at his cock I was VERY pleased and he was just as hung as I expected and couldn’t wait to feel it inside my arse.

I reached out taking his cock in my hand and stroked his cock up and down slowly wanking him at the time he was sat upright and I was knelt by him and his hand soon drifted around and found my pussy and slipped a couple of fingers straight inside.

He moved down the bed and we got into a 69 and I felt his breath against my pussy and then tongue slipping inside my pussy land I took his cock deep inside my mouth and sucked him gently at first and with the taste of precum increased going harder. I then felt his tongue moving towards my arse so I moved so that he would have better access so got onto my hands & knees giving him full access to my arse not knowing just what he was going to do here and suddenly I felt his tongue slipping around my hole and I almost came straight away.

With me kneeling over he moved up behind me and pushed his cock into my pussy and started fucking me but then moved his hand towards my arse and felt his finger against my little rosebud and pushed his finger deep inside me at the same time of shoving his massive cock inside me, this made me cum straight away, looking around towards him I begged him to fuck my arse and with that pulled his cock out and pushed deep into my arse

The rest of this story is within the members blog along with contacts details



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