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We are have to start swinging somewhere and this couple made the right choice by joining us and starting to meet with other swingers from Ireland. This story was posted within the blogs section and features an extremely horny bi curoius wife

We joined as newbie bi swingers but it didn't take us long to meet with another Irish swinging couple

I have been recalling with my blog some of the meets we've been enjoying with others and this tru story is my first bi fem experience in July this year. My guy and me were waiting for our new friends to arrive. I'll call them Julia & Ian. We had got to know them quite well, talking on Skype for a couple of months. We had seen their pics, but had never met. I was nervously fussing around that Sunday morning.

Patting pillows, lighting candles and incence sticks. Suddenly a mobile text. "They're here" he says. "Just going down to meet them." A moment of panic. Never swung before. "Oh God!, Oh God!" I say out loud. Well, if you've read my last blogs you will know how natural and relaxed it all turned out to be despite my apprehention. Knowing that my new girlfriend, Julia, was bi, and not wanting to be a wilting violet, I deliberately sat next to her as they relaxed from their journey and we enjoyed the wine.

While we talked my hand was sliding up inside Julias tshirt. I could feel the soft smoothness of her skin. She didn't react to the soft brushing of my fingers..... but, I knew she was turning on, and though she went on chatting to the guys I could feel her distraction, and part of her was mine. I was loving the feel of her, and letting my hand wander up and down.

Getting excited and horny as I tickled the inside of her upper arm, and ran my hand down her arm to rest on her bare tanned thigh. All the time we were just talking and socialising as if nothing other was happening. By now I was really hot and wet, and feeling her mind connecting with me. Couldn't stop myself stroking the inside of her thigh, my fingers sliding inside her shorts. Just then, my guy (who had gone into the kitchen for another bottle), came into the living room again.

He indicated he would like to sit next to Julia, so still dripping with anticipation, but not with much reluctance, I got up and sat next to the huge erection on the other sofa. There the touching, conversation, and stroking continued until suddenly it went rather quiet on the other side. I looked up to see my man kissing her! I have to say that I felt very odd about this. Part of me felt jealous because he was kissing her, part of me felt jealous because I wasn't kissing her, and mostly, to my suprise, I was really turned on ! A sensation of soft lips brushing my neck drew my attention back to Ian.

His tongue slipped into my mouth, his hand exploring my wet pussy. His lovely, hard, velvet erection was in my hand and I lovingly caressed him. I whispered in his ear, "I am so going to fuck you soon". Now I was posessed by these beautiful hands and invitingly upright cock. I forgot all about the other two, (more of this later).........

In the bedroom Julia was lying on the bed completely naked. Her tanned skin glowed in the candlelight against the crisp white sheets. On the wall a film played erotic scenes, while soft music and exotic perfume filled the air. I wanted her badly. As I lay down beside her, her arm reached out for me and we embraced as only lovers could.... and then she kissed me.

The most tender and erotic kiss, her small tongue snaking into my mouth. mmmmm. I felt masculine hands stripping off my underwear, but I was away with the fairies. Feeling her feeling me, our hands gently touching each others faces, running over shoulders, breasts, stomachs and settling in warm, moist places of delight. Her light, sensuous kisses butterflied down my belly and I was lost as her tounge found my clit.

I was moaning now as she so expertly rose the game. Her hands snaking up to my waiting nipples as mine cupped her head into my eager pussy. The tenderest licking combined with the strongest sucking. I was deliciously on the edge with radiations of hot sensation pulsing out from my clit and my pussy. I urgently had to taste her, now! Drawing her up to kiss her mouth, I reversed down the soft skin to an exciting, unknown bliss.

Tentatively slipping my tongue between her moist, warm lips, an exquisite velvet softness, surrounding the hot hard pearl inside. A wet sensation running down my leg as I devoured her secret place, and savoured the new, extrodinary taste. Oooh, a horny memory. Then, just as it couldn't get any better, I feel a mans tongue licking the wetness in my dripping gash. Sucking and tounging me as I enjoy her. Oh joy ! My back arches and my head lifts as 1,2,3 red nails disappear into her wet, wet pussy.

She is crying out with passion as I plunge my hand into her, and we cum together in pefect harmony. Wow!.......and so the beautiful day continued with us all loving and enjoying each other. I wish and hope that I have many more tales to tell you on my journey to enlightenment. Keep watching.....maybe it will be you. xxx.

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