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Irish Dogging Locations Ireland

Enjoy sex outdoors? - Well why not join the trend for outdoor sex in car parks, forests and lay-bys which is also known as dogging. This sexual activity is not new, there have always been exhibitionists who love to have daring sex in public knowing that there will be voyeurs lurking to watch them at it! However the modern form of dogging is a bit more organised with regular groups meeting in car parks, on beaches and in the woods where blowjobs are given from the front seats of cars or guys watch their missus being fucked over the bonnet of their fiesta!

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any guys want the best blowjob ever then meet me & my girlfriends for a spot of dogging and backseat BJs, we meet on the ballyneety road on a friday night after the pub so come on down and cum down my throat! last guy of the night also get's to fuck me in the bushes so get in line for a good start to the w/end

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Anyone out on a Monday who fancies some doggin action needs to get down to mill car park after 10pm, been quiet lately but normally a few cpls for swaps and sometimes a group of single girls who give head. if you are going to be in the area leave a note on the forum so everyone knows to join you!

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Where is the action? We aren't going to list the locations as not only will it probably be out of date by the time you read it but new Irish dogging locations are being created all the time! To find them do the following:

  • Join and register your profile for free
  • Use the chat rooms to find out where the action is planned for tonight
  • Read the forum posts in the dogging section
  • Many doggers post blogs within the members section

Dogging can be great fun and has become well linked with the swinging lifestyle as it is all about having a great sexual time and you get a great thrill of excitement. Do be careful though, don't do it just anywhere and keep your eyes open, technically it is against the law!

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Dogging is thought to come from men using imaginary dogs as an excuse for hanging around in the bushes watching courting couples!

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