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Irish cuckoldry stories Erotic fiction for Adults

Horny cuckoldry Stories - are you looking to really find out what goes on between a wife, cuckold husband & a bull when they invite him into their bedroom or house the the best way to find this information is by reading members cuckolded stories thats have been submitted into the members section

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SEXY Stories - If your interest is just in reading erotic cuckold stories then you can trust me these stories will more than feed your curiosity as they don't hold anything back and they'll be no reading between the lines with these as everything is laid out in graphic detail and you enjoy mulling over our bull and hotwife stories. .........

As a member you'll have full access to all the stories that have been submitted by our irish cuckoldry couples and these stories will offer both an erotic, entertaining & informative insight into how this lifestyle could effect your life and unlike so many videos that people stream these days will give a far more honest perspective of how this could affects your sex life.

We have many site articles and stories about cuckolding sex and have been submitted by both single males ( bulls ) or cuckquean's ( wives) and couples and the stories submitted tend to fall into two categories, those stories that could be classed as erotic fiction and for me the real life cuckold encounters.

Erotic Fiction or True life does it really matter

It doesn't matter what your prefer is whether you prefer true life stories or just someone letter their fantasies run wild in the hope that someone may contacts them but but what they will provide is a great source of erotica reading material

The stories we have can be either submitted as a forum entry and we have section dedicated just to cuckoldry or should members prefer we now offer members there own blogs section so you can post your stories here and should you like leave your postings open so members can give you some feedback, which is always interesting in reading the feed back members give on submitted stories

One of the things you will soon notice that the couples that submit the stories are living the lifestyle so if you want to know anything about cuckold sex then these offer you the ideal solution and a way for you to learn about this lifestyle as they cover erotic stories featuring couples, bulls and hotwives and all the aspects of this lifestyle.

Check out some of the recent stories submitted

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