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Thanks for sending this dogging story in ( members name held back by request) and by the sounds of things this member is now meeting other crossdressing contacts around Dublin

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horny, young crossdresser looking for anything goes fun with others around Belfast. I'm 28 slim and very convincing as a women in fact have often been out and on one recent occasion was chatted up in a bar, although turned him down as I think he would have got a shock. Looking for NSA contacts so drop me a line and lets meet in a local bar

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NI crossdresser looking for admirers that want to meet up with a mature CD ( 56). I'm a submissive crossdresser that loves to take a good fucking but its always safe sex so please don't contact me if you want bareback contacts. I also enjoy doing domestic duties so if your looking for sexy maid contact me for photos and details

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A girls work is never finished - Dublin CD dogging fun !

what can I say I'm a horny Irish Crossdresser that loves to suck cock and having just moved to Dublin I was going through a serious dry spell so needed to do something about it. I joined up to this dogging website and soon found some local locations around Dublin and one night got dressed to kill and after a couple of drinks set out around public car parks.

I pulled into the first one that was really near the city centre and that was dead, even parked up for a while but still no action, so moved onto the next, that was the same ! dead!! and was starting to think this dogging site had conned the money out of me but as I was out and about thought I'd try the last one

Pulling into the car park I noticed this car parked up in the corner so driving over I saw this guy in their alone and smiling towards him I turned the car around and flashing my rear lights saw him start up and knew I had someone. I pulled out of the car park and driving slowly down the road he over took me and I followed behind him as he drove into this little side road that lead onto a small industrial estate that I didn't even know was their and I'd driven past loads of times so knew it would be pretty quite.

Parking up and getting out I only hopped he like crossdresser's, he also got out he was tall and hansom just the way I like my men and coming over towards me I opened my coat and was standing their with stocking & french knickers on and looking at me smiled and comment on how nice I looked so knew then hopefully some action was on the cards

He said that he was very nervous as he'd read about cottaging / dogging but had never done anything before and asked if he could suck mr cock off, with the understanding that I would also cum in his mouth, well lets put it this way I didn't need any more encouragement to drop my knickers and show of my shaven cock and balls

He moved towards me slowly and I could see he was really worried and told him it would be fine and I would keep a look out so kneeling in front of me he first started wanking me off and I was soon rock hard and ready to be sucked so first just putting my head into his mouth he started sucking me off

It didn't take him long before his confidence built up and he started taking more and more of my cock into his mouth and I started to fuck his mouth, slow at first but then I could tell he was enjoying it so faster and faster.

I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum especially by now that he'd moved his hands behind my bum and had both hands on my cheeks pulling me further in and his fingers we so close to my arse fanny he could easily slipped a finger into me which probably was the reason I came so fast and shot my load straight down his throat

Standing up he told me that was the first time for him and said he needed to go dispiet offering to suck of his cock as I as desperate to get some cum in my mouth but he didn't want to hang around so left. I drove back to the cark park but no luck so drove back home and gave myself a good fucking with my dildo wanking off and cumming again

Shortly after I joined a Irish swingers site and since then meet up with some contacts and my dry spell has now well gone

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