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Looking to meet with Belfast / Northern Irish bi males ? then look no further than Irish swingers we are leading NSA sex contacts & swingers personals website covering contacts across both Southern & NI Ireland. Posted here we have a story sent in by a irish bi male member from Belfast

Belfast Swingers? - it won't come to any great shock but we have thousands of swingers contact from Belfast and posted on this page are male swingers that are bi / gay / or bi-curious so if your just thinking " should I" then check out these photos then hit the join button and starting meeting members

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hi I'm a young male from Belfast looking for other guys to have fun with. As you can see from my photos I have a very fit bod and pretty well hung as well and trust me know how to use it.

I'm a irish gay guy although not Irish just working here for a few years then back home to Canada. Would love to hear from some irish gay guys or bi really don't mind so long as we have fun

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married guy looking for fun with others! I'm 34 slim with a body that has taken years to get to its current state - YES I'm one of those guys that spend every spare day in the gym!

I'm looking for local guys for daytime fun and happy to be top or bottom you let me know what you prefer. I enjoy anything goes sex although its safe sex only

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The photos used on this page are Irish bi members but are only sample images so may not be from Belfast and as they are random images nothing to do with the sample bimale Irish contacts ad placed on this page

the first time I sucked a irish guys cock - Bi male story!

I've been " bi curious " for some years and the itch has been building and building so much so that I joined an irish sex contacts site in an effort to get some cock action and little did I know how fast it would come my way

A bit about me I'm a 30 something male living in Belfast and married to a great NI women that I truly love deeply, but I have this other side that wants to try sex with other guys and one night a few months back my Mrs told me she was going out with friends and won't be home till very late so thought this could be my night where I track down some cock action

I had checked out a few sites before and found this swingers site with a chatroom and thought this would be a good starting base so got myself some beers in and joined up and posted this really NAFF profile but having checked out some of the other bimale profiles I wasn't alone with my crap profile

I looked around and it really was pretty dead, whilst their was bi & gay Irish contacts no one was online and as I wanted some action NOW so went off to watch some porn dvds that I had hidden away so sat back and enjoyed some porn.

I then returned back to the site and as I was alone had left it open and to my surprise had this message from a guy wanting to meet up! so replying straight back to him as I saw he was online he replied back and we got chatting and he said he's be more than up to take my cock sucking cherry LOL so we arranged to meet in this quiet car park in town

I drove their and his car was already parked up so parking next to him he got out and got into my car and we did some general chit chat for a while and then I think he could see the bulge in my pants and moving his hand over un-did my trousers and got my cock out and started to suck me off and fuck was he GOOD! so much so that I quickly came in his mouth and unlike my wife he swallowed it all back still on my cock till I could handle anymore so sitting up he looked at me and pulled his trousers of and said" your turn"

Moving over I lowered my head down and sucking first the end of his cock I soon once I knew I enjoyed it sucked all his dick into my mouth although struggled least at first to suck his cock as deep as he'd done to me, but got deeper as I was sucking him! His cock tasted great really sweet and I was sucking him as he started to fuck my mouth with his dick

I then found I was able to suck lower and moved my head down further onto his cock although I did gag a little I didn't mind but the real shock came when he came into my mouth as I wasn't expecting such a powerful ejaculation !! as his cum shot straight down my throat almost making me throw up with the gagging but determined to hold his cock in my mouth I sucked and swallowed every drop and fucking loved it

After we chatted for a while and arrange to meet anther day, and I'm really looking forward to try a lot more than just sucking cock as I want to be fucked by another guy! - thats another tail & after I've done it I'll post all the sexy times I had


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