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The Northern Irish Swingers photos about cover all of NI and not just Antrim and are random images but are REAL NI Swingers contacts Including Antrim

Antrim Swingers? - its not often we get such a horny dogging story sent it so I had to add this page and link into further details for other swingers Antrim, enjoy the story and better still if you want to see what Antrim Swingers have to offer check out the link below for direct across to all members


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young irish couple looking for a couples / vwe male (black males very welcome ) for cuckold or threesome fun. We enjoy most things toys, dvds, oral sex.My wife is bi-curious so another Antrim couple would be fun if the wife was bi. My wife is size 10 red hair and is very sexy, I'm slim & straight. We have little hung ups over sex and will consider most things

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We are a genuine antrim professional swinging couple after local fun with other like minded NI couples. We are only after local contacts as we will want to build friendships as well as its NOT just about the swinging only. We are a very easy going fun couple with a VGSOH. We are both straight and have no interest in "experimenting" - so no single guys it does matter how well gung you are !

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The ads above are just 2 sample ads from the Antrim area of Northern Ireland - and by following the link above it will detail all members contact but NOT photos, to get that access you will need to be a member but consider basic membership is free hopefully that won't stop you meeting with great Irish Swingers

my first tranny escort!

I've been single for some years and whilst I've had a few girlfriends since splitting from my wife I've always had this attraction to Transvestites its the idea that you can have a beautfull "gal" but under her dress is an rock hard tranny cock waiting to be realised and played with and this desire lead me to joining an irish swingers website so I could track down hopefully some Duglin Transvestites or crossdressers!

was driving back from a week at Dublin and to say the couple I stayed with were DULL with a frigging capitol "D" would be a bleading understatement, I ask ya talk to them about clubs, sex & anything remotely exciting and you'd get this very odd look from them

Its certainly not the couple I used to hang out with at school and smoke behind the clubhouse so be warned if old friends track you down off facebook ask them some leading questions first, like know any good swingers clubs in Dublin, then depending on the answer you can either visit or not! as you see both myself and my man are swingers and live in Antrim. We've been swinging for some time around NI and its the best! So by the time Sunday came I was more than ready to run!

I said my bye's and knew that maybe we'll chat online but their was no way I was going through this again, so getting in my little car headed home to get Laid !!

It didn't long before the journey was boring me shitless and knew I had to to something to take away the boredom and going past a lorry on the main drive back to Antrim gave me the idea - just for a bit of fun although that was not how it turned out. You see my car has a massive sunroof it was something I'd always wanted as I couldn't afford a soft top so this was the next best thing!

But, with my sunroof pervey lorry drivers could easily see inside which I'd often teased them driving past and flashy my massive tits or maybe even a knicker flash, so driving along side this lorry I opened my top to flash off my tits and NOTHING not even a toot on the horn, then the next failed and I was just about to give up when going past this lorry and flashing him my tits got a massive blast on his horn and flashed his lights LOL success

so slowing down I let the lorry over take me and this time pulled my skirt up so he could see my knickers and again got the response I was after, but by now I was also horny as fuck and as we were driving towards a big service station on the main Antrim road thought what the heck lets see if he follows me in, so pulling in I drive to a quiet place in the corner and sure as fuck the lorry driver pulled in

By the time he'd got to the car I'd already got my knickers off and opening the window he walked towards me and getting his cock out I started sucking him off, he was a good sized guy around 8" and I sucked on him till I started getting some of that sexy pre cum but I wanted more, so taking his dick out I opened the door and bent over straight in front of him pulling my checks apart and telling him to fuck me

With that he didn't need to be asked again and walked up behind me and pushed his dick deep into me, and started to fuck me bent over the car, it was then that another guy walked over and shocked us both but asked if he could join in and I waved him over and bending over I was sucking one guy whilst the other fucked me. This went on for ages and I'd already cum twice when both guys almost within a few seconds of each other came into me Mmmmmmm yum you can't help getting a double helping

They both went and I carried on my journey but now with my cum soaked knickers on and once home told me boyfriend and we both went to bed and fucked all night long - now that was the best part of my week in Dublin getting fucked in some dogging location !!!

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